Dave Millwater is a fantastic and very talented craftsman who has amazing attention to precision and detail. 

We originally hired Dave to help with a remodel project which he managed for us and communicated all of the details  while we were overseas to see it through to its very successful completion.  In this remodel project, Dave not only did the framing but he built all of the vanities, cabinets, kitchen bench and mirror frames.  His attention to the all elements produced a beautiful result that we were really pleased with.  He is an expert furniture builder who really knows how to work with wood.  

Together we designed a bedroom suite and a beautiful daybed.  Dave is a wonderful person to work with and a real pleasure to be around. 
— Mo & Duke

Dear Dave,

I thought I couldn’t let you go without thanking you personally for your contribution to our many successful projects.

I have mentioned before to Alan and Trevor that it is the quality of our products that keep our clients coming back to us; I am fully aware that it is the skills of the craftsmen in the workshops that maintain this quality and that of them you are one of the best i have known. I hope you keep making - where ever you are!

Thank you Dave. I wish you well for the future.
— David Snell, Luke Hughes & Co, Covent Garden

Dave is a wonderful craftsman of bespoke wood furniture and cabinets that takes care in his work to perfection. He is passionate about meeting client needs and delivers outstanding results.

Dave listened to our needs and designs for a new bespoke kitchen and library in our 1890 farm house. He explored with us design possibilities, always careful to offer advice and not impose on our aesthetics. Translating a drawing into a great product is a work of art when walls are not straight and neither are floors. His minutia to detail and the perfection of his work delivered to us not only a beautiful kitchen and library we love but also a sturdy set of cabinetry that will withstand the test of time.
— Emma